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  • "What is a Giclee Print?"
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  • Thank you for visiting my website. You will find a display of commissioned bronze portraits and other sculptures in bronze and hand cast papers. Take a peek at several of my contemporary Chinese paintings and India ink drawings that I selected to be reproduced as giclee prints.

    The Scottsdale studio location is now closed, but artwork is still available. However, you are invited to enjoy browsing pictures of the old studio and share in some of the fond memories.

    I also include some information on the "doing of my art"...An artsy way of saying "the mechanics."

    There is joy enough in creating and teaching and for me this joy is enhanced and made even more exciting by my China experience. I include some of this experience in my writing for this website.

    After visiting my site, if you have questions or comments, contact

    SCULPTURE features commissioned portraits, other works in bronze, and relief sculpture produced in hand cast paper.

  • Commissioned Portraits
  • Other Works in Bronze
  • Hand Cast Paper

    GICLEE PRINTS showcases my uniquely interpreted Chinese ink and brush on rice paper paintings and India ink/watercolor paintings. This selection has been reproduced as giclee prints. Giclee is a wonderful medium that provides longer life than standard art print reproduction.

  • Contemporary Interpretations in Chinese Ink and Brush on Rice Paper
  • India Ink on Watercolor Paper

    MEET THE ARTIST whose life experience, teaching and travels throughout the world, particularly an encounter with China, have effected a unique journey within herself, finding a way into her art.

    REMEMBERING THE STUDIO provides a casual glimpse into the artist's former work environment.

    THE CHINA EXPERIENCE is a sharing of the China travels, reviews of readings and retelling of encounters that educate and inspire this artist. It is an ongoing journey. Materials will be changing periodically.

  • Photo Album
  • Journal

    NEWSLETTER features "What is a Giclee Fine Art Print?" Brush up on your art savvy. Understand what you are buying, why a "Giclee" fine art print means longer archival life, thus adding to the value of your investment.

  • "What is a Giclee Fine Art Print?"
  • "The Art of Casting a Bronze"

    NEWSLETTER now includes "The Art of Casting a Bronze." Enhance your appreciation of the artist's world and your role as an investor, collector and sponsor. Follow the steps from a lump of clay into finished bronze sculpture presentation.

    Check into NEWSLETTER now and on future visits for discussions that will expand your awareness of bronze sculpture, giclee fine art prints and Chinese brush and ink painting.

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